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Lebanon / Liban: Poems of Love And War / Poemes d'amour et de guerre

Lebanon / Liban
Lebanon / Liban: Poems of Love And War / Poemes d'amour et de guerre
Nadia Tueni (Auteur), Christophe Ippolito (Sous la direction de), Paul B. Kelley (Traduction), Samuel Hazo (Traduction)

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Description du produit

A newly translated collection of poetry - in a bilingual edition - by Francophone writer Nadia Tuéni, including more than forty selected poems, together with articles on Tuéni's work. This book comprises both Christophe Ippolito and Paul B. Kelley's never-before translated Sentimental Archives of a War in Lebanon and Sam Hazo's English translation of Lebanon: Twenty Poems for One Love, both by Nadia Tuéni. The languages of Rimbaud, Lautréamont and surrealist poetry have had a decisive influence on Tuéni's work. But she also owes a great debt on the Arabic side to the Lebanese avant-garde poets who, in turn, influenced by surrealism contributed to what has been called "a revolution of poetic language." Her work merges with the poetic and political landscape of her country. Like many Lebanese writers, Tuéni was active in political circles, particularly after the war in 1967. This book tells of the suffering - memories of an abandoned garden fading away - and of a poet at the confluence of two cultures: Western and Middle Eastern.

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